Donna Negus Yoga

Foundation Course 1

This course is run nationally and verified by the British Wheel of Yoga. It is ideal for you if you want to deepen your knowledge of Yoga and have a clearer idea of how to develop a home practice.

You will gain a deeper understanding of breathing practices (pranayama) asanas (postures) and relaxation techniques as well as learn about the philosophy and roots of Yoga in a non-biased way. I believe that yoga should be practiced in a way that benefits the life we lead and so the guided talks and discussions will cultivate ways in which we can use our yoga practice to enhance wellbeing and benefit our health. In this way, you will be encouraged to practice regularly throughout the course and you will be provided with handouts and support to help this take place. The course is structured in a way to ensure it is both enjoyable and beneficial.

There is no written work or formal assessments and is an ideal preparation if you want to go on to train as a yoga teacher in the future, or if you just want to deepen your knowledge of practices that are not often taught in your regular yoga class.

The course will take place over one Saturday a month for 10 months 

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You will attain a Certificate awarded by the British Wheel of Yoga on completion of the course and this is advantageous ( but not a requirement) when applying to join a BWY Diploma Course.

*You will be required to join the British Wheel of Yoga to take this course

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Foundation Course 2

If you have completed the foundation course 1, you are a teacher or feel that you need a course that will take you deeper into your practice this course is for you.  We study the philosophical concepts within Patanjali's yoga sutras in a way that allows us to see how we can integrate them into the lives we lead.

Meditation is introduced and developed throughout the course and your personal practice is encouraged and nurtured.

Posture work, pranayama and meditation techniques are explored in a non competitive and encouraging way with the belief that yoga is a resource to enable you to feel better and enhance well being.  In this way, as we connect more to sensation, to feeling and to experience, our practice becomes less about making a shape or completing a list of things to 'do', but being present and living each precious moment we are here.  

There is a written piece of work to be completed and you are given handouts and information throughout.

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Each Course  is £695  (payment schemes available)

plus £60 to register with the BWY

You have to be a member of the British Wheel of Yoga to join the course.